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Washable Make up pads -Light blue

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These reusable make up pads are a must-have an essential for the zero waste and conscious bathroom.

They are super soft, and have a cotton fabric side, to a some fun and color to your bathroom.

Why use these ?

I do not see many inconveniences, except that you will have to wash them. :) 
You can reduce your waste, and also, save a lot of money on the disposable pads !

A single set includes 5 pads.

How to wash the make up pads?

wash them in the laundry machine at 40°C to 60°C.  Place them in a laundry bag to keep your washing machine safe of 'lost items'.
You can also hand wash, to reduce the water use.

Product specifics

100 % ecological bamboo

OEKO TEX cotton or Holland wax (from recuperation of my other items - so not 'second hand')


In order to reduce unnecessary packaging, the pads are not packed in a box, but with a hemp or cotton cord, with a recycled product notice