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How I created my logo

Story time !I had an internship next to the Royal Park in Brussels a few years ago. Every morning I would walk by the park, and look at the architecture and the sculptures at the park.Needless to say that I do not walk around looking at my feet 😸These ovals highly inspired me and I knew this would be my logo.I started drafting in powerpoint, and asked a friend in South-Korea, to clean it up. Some time later I came with the final version that is now my logo. 🤘🏻

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Learning to deal with insecurities

With this blog post I would like to briefly talk about how I deal with the insecurities of the image of the self, and since I am active in fashion, the insecurities of the amazing women and men that model for me. I have chosen to only use models that I know. Non-professional models.Why? Because I want to represent genuine people. Except for lighting modifications, I do not apply Photoshop either.  Why? Because I want to represent genuine people. And when dealing with the genuine, insecurities are a part of the game. When ask friends to pose for me, the reactions are often the same. Surprise. The classic 'but I don't look like a model'. I often feel like people...

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Learning to handle rejection

The road of the creative entrepreneur is not paved with roses. Well, the roses actually do exist in my imagination, but the reality is definitely a little different. More like cobble stones, I would say. .                                                                   . I have to convert my creations into sales, because otherwise I will be counting roses at the local park with a few pigeons. To be honest, I have always disliked selling. At least that is what I told myself. My mentor asked me: 'Wouldn't you be super excited to see people on...

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